Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear Energy by Mind Map: Nuclear Energy

1. The American stopped the collaboration with the British after a while

2. 01-Exploring the nature of the atom

2.1. Multiple Scientist engaged

2.1.1. Martin Klaproth

2.1.2. Wilhelm Rontgen

2.1.3. Ernest Rutherford

2.1.4. Albert Einstein

2.2. Multiple Materials used

2.2.1. Uranium

2.2.2. Radium

2.3. Multiple Discovered things

2.3.1. X-rays

2.3.2. beta radiation

2.3.3. alpha particles

2.3.4. gamma rays

3. 02-Harnessing nuclear fission

3.1. self-sustaining chain reaction

3.2. enrichment

3.2.1. increasing in the proportion of the U-235 isotope

3.3. fission/atomic bomb

3.4. introducing neutron-absorbing material

3.5. German fail, American and British made Atomic bomb

4. 03-Nuclear physics in Russia

4.1. Started about 1900

4.2. Russian Scientists studied abroad

4.3. Make good scientific development before WWII

4.4. then tho research turned into military

5. 04-Conceiving the atomic bomb

5.1. Frisch-Peierls Memorandum

5.2. Making 3kg of pure uranum

5.3. many discovered things leads to

5.3.1. neptunium #93

5.3.2. plutonium #94

5.4. All was collaborative work between U.S.A and GB

6. 05-Developing the concepts

6.1. Use of Uranium for a Bomb

6.1.1. 12 kg of active material would be equivalent to 1,800 tons of TNT

6.2. Use of Uranium as a Source of Power

6.3. 5 million per day to produce 1kg of U-235

6.4. Scientists moves from GB to U.S,A

6.5. The bomb making decision was BY Prime Minister, Winston Churchill

7. 06-The Manhattan Project

7.1. The British continued alone

7.2. After while, they work together again

7.3. huge and high cost work leads to

7.3.1. Alamagordo

7.3.2. Hiroshima BOMB

7.3.3. Nagasaki BOMB Next day, the Japanese government surrendered.

8. 07-The Soviet bomb

8.1. They start the project in 1942

8.2. the defeat of Nazi Germany

8.2.1. German scientists were "recruited"

8.3. Continuous work in several cities

8.4. First bomb RSD-1 tested in 1949

8.5. Some scientist begun work on hydrogen bomb.

9. 08-Revival of the 'nuclear boiler'

9.1. After WWII the focus turned to peaceful and new applications.

9.1.1. Electrecity The first nuclear reactor to produce electricity established in USA at 1951 In USSR it was at 1954

9.1.2. Naval

9.1.3. Submarines

9.2. It happened lots of developments in the technology since 1945 to 2003

10. 09-Nuclear energy goes commercial

11. 10-The nuclear power brown-out

12. 11-Nuclear revival

12.1. New factors engaged in the technology

12.2. Other countries joined as China, India, South Korea