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Philomena by Mind Map: Philomena

1. Guilt and Forgiveness

1.1. When she meets the young man at the fair she dropped her toffee apple witch is a symbolic representation of her sin against the faith being catholic.

1.2. Sin and guilt after having sexual relations with the young man from the fair that went against her faith.

1.3. The close up shot of young Philomena when she found out she was pregnant and the nuns asking her question it shows us how much she regrets it and how she was the cause of her own shame.

1.4. Dialogue with Jane saying “She kept this a secret for all this time” Repeated twice shows us the amount of guilt Philomena feels.

1.5. Pilomena’s daughter uses the word Evil Philomena says, “No don't say that I don't like that word”

1.6. Its Ironic cause Philomena forgave what the sisters did but Sister Hilogaurd will never forgive the girls and what they did have a child before they were married she is not forgiving as she should be cause she is a sister.

1.7. The sisters lied to Pilomena they actually built a bomb fire to destroy all the records for selling the babies to the Americans for 1000 pounds the babies were treated like commodities from the Abby sisters.

2. Mother and child forgiveness

2.1. Dialogue between the priest and Pilomena. Priest: You came to light a candle.Is it something special. Philomena: Yes This shows that she still remembers her son even after all the years.

2.2. Close up shot when she sits in the church after lighting the candle her facial expressions together with the dialogue shows how much sadness is inside her about her child that she lost.

2.3. She celebrates his birthday ever year and the photograph is a symbolic representation of the mother child relationship, and on the 50th year it has really affected Philomena

2.4. Philomena is seeking her child when she says “Can you help me find him”? to Martin cause the nuns want helped and she needs to find her long lost son.

2.5. The close up shot of Philomena behind bars when she is older shows how much she misses her son and how cruel the act was.

2.6. Seconds of silence when she is told the records about Anthony was destroyed in a fire witch shows us her grief and the mother and son relationship is broken.

2.7. Once a day for one hour the young girls were aloud to see there children and they would run with joy until they got to their child.

2.8. The close up shots with the mother and child and the soft happy music shows how happy the mothers are and how much they love their child.

2.9. The laughter and smiles from Anthony shows how strong their love was between Anthony and Philomena.

2.10. Pilomena would like to got to America to know if her son had ever thought about her after all these years she has thought about him everyday.

2.11. Pilomena has flash backs about Anthony and visions about his life and if he is okay cause how much she misses him.

3. Forced Adoptions in Ireland

3.1. The dialogue between Jane and Martin: Jane: I know this women she had a baby when she was a teenager, and kept it a secret for 50 years the baby was taken away from her by these nuns they made her have him adopted.

3.2. Dialogue: Catherine is worried that Mary will be taken away from her this was discussed between Philomena and one of the sister.

3.3. Philomena's friend comes and tells her that they are coming to take Anthony away through dialogue she says, “They are taking Him away”.And she is shocked cause she didn't think he would be taken away she wasn't expecting it.

3.4. Set music when Anthony is taken away without her saying goodbye makes the scene sad and upsetting.

3.5. Cruel Practice when Anthony is looking out the window of the car when he was taken away shows his innocents and he doesn't know whats happening.

3.6. The Nuns lied to the suspects of force adoption when they visited the orphanage so they cant reunite for example in the film when the Nuns say all the records were destroyed in a fire with Anthony and Philomena which was a lie.

3.7. The church lies and Sister Hilogaurd cannot forgive Pilomena thats why the sisters lie about her sickness and all the sisters lie to Pilomena to hide the truth about the past.

4. Forced Adoptions in Australia

4.1. Australia needs to be researched. 1960’s-1970’s Forced adoption was the practice of taking the babies from unmarried mothers, against their will, and placing them for adoption In 1960’s to the 1970’s