Adult Literacy in East Timor

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Adult Literacy in East Timor by Mind Map: Adult Literacy in East Timor

1. Lack of available schools

1.1. Low GDP

1.1.1. Unstable government

1.2. Lots of isolated regions

1.2.1. Lack of transport and roadss to get to schools which are far away Low GDP

2. As kids, they were needed to farm, not go to school

2.1. Hard work for a small income

2.2. Parents received a small income

2.2.1. Need extra help so that the family can be fed

3. War with Indonesia over East Timor's independence

3.1. Needed for fighting instead of going to school

3.2. Schools closed

3.2.1. Were destroyed or unsafe

3.2.2. Teachers needed for fighting

4. Lack of resources

4.1. Low GDP

4.1.1. Lack of books and learning resouces

4.1.2. Small number of teachers

4.1.3. Lack of writing materials