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Life Expectancy in East Timor by Mind Map: Life Expectancy in East
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Life Expectancy in East Timor

Lack of medication

Can't afford to buy medicine

One or no local chemists in isolated areas


Lack of food


Bad weather will destroy the crops

Low income

Too many kids to feed

Have a lot of kids so that they can work and look after them (their parents) when they are older

Incurable diseases

Lack of education of the diseases

Not enough medical help

Not enough qualified doctors, Kids too busy farming to go to school, Minimal numbers of available schools and universities

Can't afford important medical equipment, Low GDP

Can't afford machinery for scans and x-rays, Low GDP


Unhygenic food preparation areas

Unsafe drinking water

Unclean living conditions

Lack of basic sanitation

Lack of plumbing, Low GDP