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Web Design by Mind Map: Web Design

1. PS Creative Composite

1.1. From this project, I was able to learn how to properly separate something from the background. This project was able to focus on one tool, with several different items.

2. Tech History Timeline

2.1. Creating a timeline, it allowed me to be able to know different dates and the development of technology.

3. Information Literacy Slides

3.1. This used the materials on the “Who, what, when, where, why, and how” and effectively used them when applied to a webiste.

4. Famous People Website

4.1. This allowed me to create a CSS styled webpage in Dreamweaver, while also learning about passed famous people.

5. HTML Lab 2

5.1. This was a more advanced beginning way to use HTML. I was able to apply code in order to create the project.

6. HTML Lab 1

6.1. Using HTML, I was able to effectively create a webpage. This was a start into creating a project with the correct HTML.

7. Favorite TV Show Webpage

7.1. Using all this year’s information, I created a webpage using HTML and CSS. This had allowed me to advance my understandings.

8. PS Puppet Warp Project

8.1. Using the warp tool in PhotoShop, I effectively selected a puppet and applied skills to change the features.

9. PS Costume Project

9.1. In PhotoShop, I was able to select materials from the background and apply them to a new image. This was the basis for learning to use PhotoShop.

10. Web Design Research Project

10.1. A partner and I were able to use research on a certain topic for technology. This had introduced us to more ways that the internet is used.

11. Ashlyn Payne