pollution in china

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pollution in china by Mind Map: pollution in china

1. Water

1.1. disposal of toxic/dangerous chemicals in water bodies

1.1.1. Villagers who rely on this

1.1.2. Villagers whom'st'd've

1.2. city sewrage

1.2.1. during storm events, some sewage is realised untreated, along with unscreened inorganic or organic matter.

1.3. plastic waste

1.3.1. most plastic is non biogdegradable this creates a hazard for marine life

1.3.2. can affect food webs and chains

1.3.3. can suffocate marine animals

1.3.4. some waste may be mistaken by animals as food

2. Land

2.1. cadmium and arsenic poisons from industry

2.1.1. soil salinity effects 1/5 of china's agricultural farmland, roughly the size of Belgium that much polluted farmland is bad for their growing food demands, and may be forced to be used by farmers

2.1.2. many Chinese suffer from kidney failure and cancer from these poisons

2.2. dumping of rubbish(landfills)

2.2.1. rubbish may be mistaken as food from animals, thus decreasing their numbers as rubbish may drift to the ocean or other parts of the land

3. Air

3.1. burning of fossil fuels

3.1.1. carbon emissions contributing to global Climate change. This has the most devastation effects as the global temperature rises, sea levels rise from melting of ice caps, mass species extinction and frequent natural disarsters

3.1.2. over 1 million Chinese children and infants die from toxic smog, mainly from factories

3.1.3. Thick, smog can cover industrial cities, causing

3.2. factory and vehicle exuast

3.2.1. nearby crops and other vegetation become polluted with heavy metals, making them toxic.