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Internet by Mind Map: Internet

1. Gaining information

1.1. Edit your search words

1.2. Make more specific searches

1.3. Find relevant authors of the topic

1.4. Look for peer reviewed sources

2. Evaluating

2.1. Review multiple source to gain a rough understanding

2.2. Review the website and decide if the website seems reliable

2.2.1. Verifying These are linked, a weakness in one, may show evidence that it is a bad source

2.3. Review the author of the website and analyse his position in the field

3. Purpose

3.1. What is the purpose of the website

3.2. What is the reason the author is creating the article/ speech/viewpoint?

3.3. By evaluating the purpose, you can determine the drive behind the source

4. New knowledge gained

4.1. By now you know authors/specialists in the field

4.1.1. Use this knowledge to narrow down and review other work done on the topic

4.2. You also understand specific field in the topic, evaluate and seek new details of this field