NHMRC PGS application

A easy mind map for NHMRC funding application (Australia)

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NHMRC PGS application by Mind Map: NHMRC  PGS application

1. Key Dates

1.1. University Key Dates (Internal)

1.2. Personal Key Dates (Manage To-Do)

2. Notes

2.1. Create a draft proposal using the examples (Should appeal to a Layman)

2.2. Gather enough information on the ethics application and discuss in detail with the investigators.

2.3. Discuss the AIMS & Outcomes of your research in detail with your supervisors and experts in your area of research.

2.4. Plan the Content of the Proposal

2.5. Gather the pre-requisite information based on the applicants guidelines

2.6. Method of Evaluation

3. Resources For PGS Application

3.1. Materials

3.1.1. Examples of previous successful application/s

3.1.2. NHMRC Website Funding and Applicants Guidelines

3.2. People

3.2.1. Peer Review

3.2.2. Engage Reviewers

3.2.3. Set Expectations with your reviewers

3.3. Facilities

3.3.1. University

3.3.2. Your or Engaged Supervisors / Mentors

4. Common Tripwires

4.1. Lack of Research Experience

4.2. Lack of Peer Reviewed Publications

4.3. Lack of post grad research training

4.4. Insufficient details in research proposal (Methodology, Aims or Outcomes)

4.5. Track record of your supervisor

4.6. Under grad not competitive relative to others.

5. Review Log

5.1. Common Feedback from Reviewers (For future corrections in the proposal)

5.2. Structure and the proposal credibility/rating (Your defined Scale)

5.3. Define the scale for reviewing the proposal (Self defined using the plan)

5.4. Use the Peer Review guidelines set by NHMRC for guidance.

5.5. Self Review and Machine/Software review for Spell Check / Grammar / Tone / Abbreviation prior to Supervisor Review

6. NHMRC Applicants Guidelines

6.1. CV Requirements

6.2. Scheme Specific Requirements

6.3. Eligibility Checklist

6.4. Read the NHMRC User Guide thoroughly

7. Tips to Success

7.1. Think like a donor (Why should they give you money?)

7.2. Follow NHMRC guideline word to word for proposal

7.3. Give detailed explanation of the ethical implications of the actual research project

7.4. Details of Academic Achievement, Research experience and Career intentions should be crystallized.

7.5. Referee Report - Its crucial to know who is the right referee and Reports should reach NHMRC within stipulated time.