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COR by Mind Map: COR

1. Must have behave Ethically

2. Must meet FAR 1.602-2(d) Requirements and FAC-COR cert's

3. CO Ltr. of Appointment sent to cadidate

3.1. Letter of Appointment

3.2. COR's Name and Title

3.3. Assigned Contract Number

3.4. Any limitations on authority

3.5. Delegated Authority and Responsibilities

3.6. CO-Has actual authority

3.7. tgy

4. Appointed in Post Award Phase

5. Authority

5.1. Monitor Contract Performance

6. PublicServant

7. Types of Conflict

8. FAR 15.506

8.1. Offerors considered in competitive range may request post award debrief

9. Contract Format

10. Management Plan Outline

11. FAR 42.502

11.1. Determine when a post award orientation is conducted

11.1.1. Pre-Orientation Award Meeting is used to establish responses for Post Award Conference

12. FAR 42.5

12.1. Guidance for Post Award Orientation