Christian Aid

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Christian Aid by Mind Map: Christian Aid

1. Campaigns

1.1. Trace the Tax

1.1.1. Trying to get the government to chase those avoiding tax

1.1.2. Could be used as support for partners

1.2. Climate Change

1.2.1. Try to get large business' to cut down on fuel emissions

2. How they help

2.1. Emergency Aid

2.1.1. Provide emergency aid to help with disaster relief

2.2. Long-Term Aid

2.2.1. Helps support local organisations within the charity

2.3. Also try to challenge systems which favour rich over poor

2.4. Christian aid week has been known as a nation wide charity event that takes place in May each year, since 1957.

2.4.1. The towns are divided up the leader churches, and each house in the selected areas is presented with a Christian aid charity envelope for a week and by the end of the week they are collected back in.

2.4.2. Envelopes contain a short story and information leaflet explaining what and where that particular fund is going to be used on. Funds raised from 2000 to 2001 had 22% out £53,143,000 was raised by the Christian aid week.

2.5. Created their own website for people to give donation online, also providing people with latest disaster news, charity events and other information.

3. Where they do work

3.1. In around 45 different countries

3.2. Mainly in countries around Africa, South America and Southern Asia

4. History

4.1. Set up in 1945 to help war refugees

4.2. In 1960s began collecting donations and educating people on poverty

4.3. Helped set up Fairtrade Foundation