FCR100: Post Award

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FCR100: Post Award by Mind Map: FCR100: Post Award


1.1. Reviewing contract helps COR

1.1.1. determine task & deliverable deadlines monitor report submissions identify terms conditions, contract clauses review invoices in a timely manner maintain awareness of contractor & govt required actions

2. COR

2.1. Apparent authority

2.2. Nominated by PM/Customer

2.3. Responsibilities: monitor contractor performance, manage govt property, inspect & accept deliverables, review & approve contractor reports & invoices

2.3.1. CAN NOT: make changes that affect price, quality, quantity, delivery, other terms & conditions of the contract

2.4. CO forwards appointment letter to COR nominee

2.4.1. Appointment Letter Letter includes: COR's name & title Contract # Delegated Authority & responsibility Limitations

2.5. Communication

2.5.1. Liaison Rep

2.5.2. Communicate decisions made by CO to contractor & govt personnel (PM, Finance, Legal, Tech)

2.5.3. Concerns & requirements form contractor to CO

2.5.4. concerns & info form end user to CO & contractor


3.1. Govt Employee Conflict of Interest (COI)

3.1.1. has financial interest in, or potential for gain

3.2. Org. Conflict of Interest (OCI)

3.2.1. relationship makes you unable to render impartial assistance or advice

3.3. Procurement Integrity Act

3.3.1. behavior that creates or demonstrates partiality by the COR for a particular contractor


4.1. Uniform Contract Format (UCF)

4.1.1. most commonly used, uses stnd format (SF) 33 as solicitation & SF 26 as award/contract Most comprehensive

4.1.2. Parts 1,2,3,4 Ea part contains 1 or more alphabetical

4.2. Commercial Contract Format (CCF)

4.2.1. used for comm. items, uses SF 1449 for solicitation & award

4.3. Simplified Contract Format (SCF)

4.3.1. used for supplies & services contracts, uses SF 1447 as solicitation & award firm fixed price fixed price w/ economic price adj time & materials


5.1. Information

5.1.1. drafted based on contract

5.1.2. specifies the contractor tasks & deliverables outlined in statement of work

5.1.3. describes how the govt will conduct inspection & acceptance of the contractors performance

5.2. Outline

5.2.1. Doc Info, intro, roles&resp, deliverable review, status reporting, contractor monitoring, invoice processing, change requests, change to contractor personnel, contractor closeout

5.3. COR responsibilites

5.3.1. monitor contractors implementation of QAP

5.3.2. furnishing govt property & monitoring its use

5.3.3. reviewing contractor reports & requests

5.3.4. receiving, inspecting, and accepting contractor performance

5.3.5. approving invoices

6. COR Checklist

6.1. created from MGMT Plan

6.2. drafted by COR

6.3. tool to help do job

6.4. details actions to fulfill resp.

6.5. details a schedule of action that must be performed & when they must be performed

6.6. track status of actions


7.1. Award Ann.

7.2. Conduct Debrief

7.3. Pre Orient Meeting

7.3.1. Agenda Est. authority as liaison Quality control testing Invoicing payments inspection & acceptance Ethics

7.4. Post Orient Meeting

7.4.1. Agenda clearly present w/ CO all contract req. & gain mutual understanding Review relevant sections of contract & Mgmt plan identify any potential problems, determine appropriate resolutions resolve any perceived problems est. clear lines of communication identify chain of command

7.4.2. Discuss delivery schedule reporting req quality control & testing accept. criteria invoicing & payment ethics

7.5. Begin Contract Performance


8.1. Make informed recommendations

8.1.1. quantity expectations

8.1.2. delivery schedules

8.1.3. prices

8.1.4. ? change tech specs