Factors Affecting English Speaking Ability

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Factors Affecting English Speaking Ability by Mind Map: Factors Affecting English Speaking Ability

1. Expectation

1.1. To know about the topic's problems.

1.2. Can solve the problems.

1.3. The second year of English for Service Sector students can speak English.

1.4. They can use English language in their daily lives.

1.5. They have positive thinking about speaking English with foreigners.

1.6. They will get knowledge about speaking skills.

1.7. They can communicate properly.

2. Reasons

2.1. We choose this topic because we like to speak more than other skills.

2.2. We have seen that English for Service Sectors students can speak English a little.

2.3. Easy to find the project example.

2.4. We like this topic either.

2.5. We think that the English for Service Sectors student aren’t assertive to communicate with foreigners because they are shy to speak as their language isn’t perfect.

2.6. To create reassure them in English speaking.

2.7. To enhance student’s confidence in speaking English.

2.8. To improve student’s pronunciation.

3. Where can we find the example project ?

3.1. Books

3.2. Internet

3.2.1. http://www.bjournal.co.uk/paper/bjass_2_1/bjass_02_01_04.pdf

3.2.2. http://www.wiete.com.au/journals/WTE&TE/Pages/Vol.13,%20No.4%20(2015)/26-Liu-Z.pdf

3.2.3. http://cgel.tni.ac.th/2015/upload/files/tniac2015supassorn.pdf

4. Machine

4.1. Questionnair