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My Online Business by Mind Map: My Online Business

1. Research

1.1. Your Niche

1.2. Existing Online Businesses

1.3. Required Software System

1.4. Set-up Costs Involved

1.5. Successful Entrepreneurs In Your Niche

2. Establish/Commit To Your WHY!

2.1. e.g. Retirement, Redundancy, Personal Health Issues, Single Parent, Student/Other Debt, Job Insecurity

3. Build (Choose Business System/Tools)

3.1. Website (Domain, Web Hosting, Software)

3.2. Email

3.2.1. Autoresponder (Software)

3.3. Mailing/Customer List

4. Choose Type Of Online Business

4.1. Affiliate Marketing - selling other people's products

4.2. Product Marketing - selling own product

4.3. Drop Shipping

4.4. Training Systems

4.5. Software Development

5. Marketing Platform

5.1. e.g. JVZoo, Warrior Plus, ClickBank, WebSite