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Meiosis by Mind Map: Meiosis

1. Importance

1.1. Production of gametes

1.2. Reduction of number of chromosomes

1.3. Produce variation

1.4. Maintainance of number of chromosomes in somatic cells

2. Definition

2.1. Type of nuclear division that reduces the number of chromosomes from diploid number (2n) to haploid number (n)

2.1.1. Diploid number - The total number of chromosomes which exists in two cells

2.1.2. Haploid number -The number of chromosomes is half of the diploid

2.2. Has consecutive nuclear division

2.2.1. Meiosis I

2.2.2. Meiosis II

2.3. 4 Haploid gametes

3. Comparison (Mitosis vs Meiosis)

3.1. similarities

3.1.1. Cell division

3.1.2. Same number of chromosomes as original cells

3.1.3. Both have basic 5 phases

3.2. Differences

3.2.1. definition

3.2.2. number of division

3.2.3. types of cell involve

3.2.4. product

3.2.5. number of chromosomes

3.2.6. genotypes