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Technology by Mind Map: Technology

1. Makes life easier

2. What I learned about technology

2.1. “The term ‘Technology” is wide and everyone has their own way of understanding the meaning of technology. We use technology to accomplish various tasks in our daily lives, in brief; we can describe technology as products, processes or organizations. We use technology to extend our abilities, and that makes people as the most important part of any technological system.” (Ramey, 2013, p. 1)

2.2. . “Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of materials” (Ramey, 2013)

2.3. . “Technology is messy and complex. It is difficult to define and to understand” (Hughes, 2005, p. 1)

3. References

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4. Advancement of knowledge, through online courses, virtual classrooms and remote classes

5. Technology makes things better

6. What I think technology is now

6.1. Monitor the safety of my family

6.2. The ability to live a long life through advancements in healthcare and medicine

7. What I thought technology was

7.1. Engineers

7.1.1. Robots

7.2. "The Jetsons"

7.2.1. Futuristic Spaceships, flying cars and robodogs

7.3. Scientists

7.3.1. Cure for cancer