Healthy Childhood Development

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Healthy Childhood Development by Mind Map: Healthy Childhood Development

1. Family

1.1. Parents are together which can demonstrate a sense of love and respect to the child, important to model a healthy relationship

1.1.1. If relationship is having troubles, couples therapy is available

1.2. Have a lot of support from extended family

1.2.1. Child will always have someone to care for them and help them learn

1.3. Child was born as a racial minority, may face discrimination and lesser opportunities

1.3.1. African Canadian support groups through school and other organizations to help overcome these barriers

2. Health and Nutrition

2.1. Child is being breastfed

2.1.1. Has been shown to have a relationship with longevity

2.2. Limited access to healthy foods while in temporary housing, could lead to unhealthy eating habits

2.2.1. Should use the available oven, fridge, and microwave to prepare nutritious meals

2.3. Parents are non smokers but have friends that smoke

2.3.1. Very minimally exposed to second hand smoke which can deteriorate your health, however parents should avoid having friends smoke in the house and around the child

2.4. Child was born early which can affect the ability to thrive and grow

2.4.1. Skin-to-skin care can promote the health of a premature child

3. Employment

3.1. Both parents have a stable job

3.1.1. Financial security will reduce stress and improve health

3.2. Both parents work

3.2.1. Child will likely be in a daycare a lot, can make friends and learn with other children of the same age

3.3. Family is of high economic status

3.3.1. Able to afford healthy food, community programs, stable housing in a safe neighbourhood

4. Education

4.1. Parents appear educated

4.1.1. Promotes likelihood that child receives good education

4.2. Parents enjoy reading

4.2.1. Can read to child

5. Community Support

5.1. Provided a housing unit for the family to live in until their house is finished

5.1.1. Allowed them to help save money in the unforeseen circumstances until their house is finished

5.2. Daycare for child while both parents are at work will promote social development and learning

5.2.1. Child can interact with others and this will facilitate further learning and promote diversity

6. Cognitive/Emotional Development

6.1. Parents take interest in child's learning

6.1.1. Attending regular parent/teacher meetings to ensure child is developing mentally

6.1.2. Spend time with child to enhance and promote proper cognitive development

6.2. Enhanced Programs and Community Outreach

6.2.1. Opportunities in Halifax for parents to get education on childcare and interact with their child