Skills for Anthropologists

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Skills for Anthropologists by Mind Map: Skills for Anthropologists

1. Comfortable with changing research plans and being adaptable with subject's schedules and work preferences (i.e. traveling to subject's in order to conduct interviews)

2. Open Mindedness & Flexibility

2.1. Ability to be adaptable when working with diverse communities

3. Communication Skills

3.1. Interviews

3.2. Presenting data to groups of people

3.3. Writing clearly and concisely

3.4. Working as a team member in a group research project

4. Active Listening

4.1. Asking engaging follow up questions in interviews

5. Research Skills

5.1. Analyze data

5.2. Interview techniques

5.3. Participant observation

5.4. Conducting field studies

5.5. Developing/ distributing surveys

6. Grant Writing Skills

7. Global/ Cross-Cultural Consciousness

7.1. Understanding cultural customs and group dynamics of communities

7.2. Adapting to foreign customs/ respecting ideas that are different than your own

7.3. Wearing appropriate clothing when entering communities that you are not a part of

8. Analyzing/presenting data about human subjects

8.1. Implementing ethnographic practices

8.2. Awareness for positionally and subjectivity

8.3. Ethical awareness/ considerations

9. Technical Skills