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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Formative- Process in which information of student learning is gathered. This information that is gathered is used to get feedback and adjust instruction. Ex. Quizzes, test, etc.

2. Summative: An assessment given towards the end of a set of mastery lessons. This assessment is essential a review of what was taught during that blocked time. Ex. Final exams, standardized test, etc.

3. Interim/Benchmark: Assessments given at pre-determined time. The purpose of this assessment type are adjusting instruction, district reports, and report cards.

4. Performance: A form of assessments that requires the student to perform a task. Ex. Portfolios, open ended questions, etc.

5. Diagnostic: A pre-assessment used to determine the students strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills. Ex. DRA, screening, etc.

6. Guiding Questions

6.1. What is the main idea for...?

6.2. What are the pros and cons of...?

7. Opening Questions

7.1. Can you recall the strategy for...?

7.2. How would you describe...?

8. Closing Questions

8.1. If you could create your own strategy what would it consist of?

8.2. What is your theory about...?

9. Data Study Students

9.1. G.M.

9.1.1. DRA (BOY)- 12 DRA (MOY)- 18 DRA (EOY)- 22 Strategies: 1. Individual reading 2. Small group intervention

9.2. K.K.

9.2.1. DRA (BOY)- 10 DRA (MOY)- 12 DRA (EOY)- 12 Strategies: 1. RTI 2. One on One (with teacher)

9.3. J.S.

9.3.1. DRA (BOY)- 6 DRA (MOY)- 6 DRA (EOY)- 10 Strategies: 1. In class support 2. Resource (special education)

9.4. I can use the DRA reading assessments to pull small groups based on the students reading levels. DRA testing also allows me to see what components of reading that the students are struggling with. This also helps me determine reading groups, RTI recommendations, and student who need to be on the "watch" list.