Lord of the Flies Characters

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Lord of the Flies Characters by Mind Map: Lord of the Flies Characters

1. Character Relationships - Jack

1.1. Jack and Simon

1.1.1. Simon is originally a choirboy, or so called, the hunters. He is ,however, the weakest and shyest one, consequently aiding in his joining of Ralph's tribe. The choirboys consider him odd.

1.2. Jack and Piggy

1.2.1. Jack and Piggy's relationship is one that incites fear. Jack is constantly rude and obnoxious to Piggy, teasing him through any vulnerability he is able to find. Due to his fear of Jack, Piggy is often glued to Ralph. The endless fight between Ralph and Jack leave Piggy open to harm, resulting in his death.

1.3. Jack and Roger

1.3.1. Unlike Jack, who simply wants power and enjoys the thrill of the hunt, Roger does things in order to hurt and kill. Jack is mean spirited, but Roger is pure evil.

1.4. Jack and Sam n Eric

1.4.1. Regardless of the twins joining Jack's tribe, he tied them up and tortured them in hope of forcing them to tell them where Ralph was, and to turn against him. Since Sam n'Eric are known to follow whomever is in charge, they quickly agree to this.

1.5. Jack and Maurice

1.5.1. Nothing much, except that he is one of Jack's main followers and aids in raiding Ralph's camp.

1.6. Jack and Percival

1.6.1. There is no direct relationship between the two, Jack does, however, constantly refer to the Little one's as hopeless, of which Percival is a part of.

1.7. Jack and the beast

1.7.1. Jack, differently from Ralph, is doubtful of the Beast's existence, but as soon as there are some evidences provided, he opts to hunt it down. Jack is convinced that he will be able to control the beast if sacrifices in it's name are made.

1.8. Jack and the naval officer

1.8.1. The is no explicit relationship

2. Character Relationships Roger

2.1. Roger and Sam n Eric

2.1.1. There is little and close to no evidence between the three boys, except some hints where Sam n' Eric describe him as a terror. Thankfully, we soon learn they refer to his sadism. Roger is the type of kid who knocks over sandcastles for the pure fun of it. His sadism slowly develops throughout the novel.

2.2. Roger and Maurice

2.2.1. The relationship between these two characters is more symbolic than many things in the book. In the part where the two topple the little one's sandcastles, Maurice is content with simply knocking them over, he can be called a day to day bully if you will. Roger, however, is a sociopath, he lingers and proceeds to throw hard objects at the little one's, enjoying their distress.

2.3. Roger and Percival

2.3.1. Not much is correlated between the two boys, the most we know is when Roger throws the rocks and nuts at the little ones's Percival goes off crying.

2.4. Roger and The beast

2.4.1. Again, this relationship os very symbolic. It is said that in his own way Roger Represents his own type of beast, not one that derives from the imagination and human fear, but one that is born from human evil.

2.5. Roger and the naval officer

2.5.1. No relationship is explicit.

3. Character Relationships - Simon

3.1. Simon and Roger

3.1.1. No explicit relationship

3.2. Simon and Sam n Eric

3.2.1. Simon and the twins are among the few who are left on Ralph's tribe. Yes, later in the book Simon is murdered and Sam and Eric surrender to Jack leaving only Piggy.

3.3. Simon and Maurice

3.3.1. No explicit relationship

3.4. Simon and Percival

3.4.1. Again, no explicit relationship

3.5. Simon and the beast

3.5.1. Now this is by far Simon's most complex and intriguing relationship throughout the book. Simon is wondering through the woods when he suddenly sees the beast, a pig's head on a stick. He is in fact the only character to have direct contact with the so feared beast. It is at that moment that it's revealed that the beast is not in fact an organism, but it lives inside each of us. It is soon after this encounter that Simon is brutally murdered by the boys. This interaction makes him, in some interpretations, a symbol of holiness and power, where as the beast (again in certain interpretations) is seen as evil, or even the devil himself.

3.6. Simon and the Naval officer

3.6.1. No explicit relationship

4. Character Relationships - Maurice

4.1. Maurice and Percival

4.1.1. The only direct relationship the two characters have is when Maurice destroys the sandcastle the Little One's are working on.

4.2. Maurice and The beast

4.2.1. There is no direct correlation, except for the fact that Maurice is part of Jack's tribe who hunt, and sacrifice for the so called beast.

4.3. Maurice and the naval officer

4.3.1. No explicit relationship

5. Tribes explained

5.1. Jack's tribe

5.1.1. Choir boys, Maurice, roger, Robert, Sam n' Eric Focused on hunting

5.2. Ralph's tribe

5.2.1. Piggy, Simon, Sam n'Eric (initially), Little Ones, Percival Focused on survival and rescue

6. Character Relationships - Ralph

6.1. Ralph and Jack

6.1.1. Jack and Ralph's relationship might as well be one of the significant topics of the book. They begin their journey as friends, but soon, the contradiction of their beliefs clash and causes conflict. One example would be in the section where Jack is more focused on the pig hunt while Ralph focuses on the huts.

6.2. Ralph and Simon

6.2.1. We aren't given much insight between their relationship. Simon is more introverted and quiet while Ralph, well ralph is the selected leader of the group. We do have some moments in which Simon helps ralph with, for example the construction of the huts. Which might argue for the case that Simon is Ralph's "helper". There is also evident loyalty and compassion from Simon's part.

6.3. Ralph and Piggy

6.3.1. Throughout the first few chapters of the book, Ralph is constantly attacking Piggy due to his asthma and glasses. However, during the development of the novel their bond grows stronger and tighter, causing Ralph huge remorse when Piggy dies. Piggy is also depicted as Ralph's friend and advisor.

6.4. Ralph and Roger

6.4.1. Judging by when, nearing the end, Roger prepares a stick to place ralph's head in, the two don't have the best of relationships. Being the culprit for Piggy's murder, Roger also isn't Ralph's friend. It doesn't help that roger raids Ralph's camp and terrorizes the little ones.

6.5. Ralph and Sam n Eric

6.5.1. Sam n' Eric are a great example of those who were initially allied with Ralph, but later turned against him and joined Jack's "tribe" as to be safe after witnessing Simon's murder.

6.6. Ralph and Maurice

6.6.1. The only explicit relationship between the two is the issue of Maurice aiding in the raids of Ralph's camp, stealing things like Piggy's glasses, and the joining of Jack's tribe.

6.7. Ralph and Percival

6.7.1. Since Ralph's tribe results in mostly Little ones Percival is among them. He is the one who introduces the supposed idea that the beast can come from the sea.

6.8. Ralph and the beast

6.8.1. Ralph, initially is very fearful of the beast, logically he is afraid of any harm it might cause to the boys on the island. He later comes to realize that the beast was not a result of their fruitful imagination, but it was in each and every one of them.

6.9. Ralph and the naval officer

6.9.1. When rescue finally arrives, Ralph is the one who proclaims himself leader, putting an end between his and jack's quarrel. He is also the only one who speaks to the rescuer, resulting in tears due to Piggy's death.

7. Character Relationships - Piggy

7.1. Piggy and Simon

7.1.1. Not much is mentioned between the two boys, but it is apparent that Simon holds no apparent grudge towards Piggy. He offers Piggy food when Jack does not distribute any to him, he also aids Piggy in the search for his glasses at a part of the book.

7.2. Piggy and Roger

7.2.1. Besides being killed by Roger, Piggy is also constantly picked on by Jack's tribe, of which, Robert is a part of.

7.3. Piggy and Sam n Eric

7.3.1. Piggy and Sam n Eric are the last ones left on Ralph's tribe, the three have an indifferent relationship

7.4. Piggy and Maurice

7.4.1. There is no explicit relationships

7.5. Piggy and Percival

7.5.1. Piggy is very caring and protective of the Little one's, and aids Percival when he wanted to speak to the group.

7.6. Piggy and the beast

7.6.1. Piggy and the beast never come face to face but, Piggy, by understanding the little one's shares and understands their fear.

7.7. Piggy and the Naval Officer

7.7.1. No explicit relationship

8. Character Relationships - Sam n Eric

8.1. and Maurice

8.1.1. Maurice and the boy's only proper interaction is the destroying of the sand castles.

8.2. and Percival

8.2.1. Besides being adhered to by Piggy there is no direct correlation between the two.

8.3. and the beast

8.3.1. They are the one's who mistake the parachuter for the beast, leading the boys to further believe in the so called beast.

8.4. and the naval officer

8.4.1. No explicit relationship

9. Character Relationships - Percival

9.1. Percival and the Beast

9.1.1. Percival is the Little One who suggests the Beast will be able to attack them through the sea.

9.2. Percival and the naval officer

9.2.1. No explicit relationship

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