Mountview BA Acting Combat Student Map

COmbat BA Student Map Mountview

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Mountview BA Acting Combat Student Map by Mind Map: Mountview BA Acting Combat Student Map

1. Badc matrix

2. BA Actors

2.1. Scenes.

2.1.1. 2A2 Feyesa Wakjira & Shahrbanoo Nezam Mafi Stepbrothers: Miles v Jules exam vid Louis Fox & Dominic Price The Princess Bride: Inigo v Man in Black exam vid Charlotte Gosling & Christian Tye Mr and Mrs Smith: John v Jane exam vid Alice Handoll & Asa Haynes Hook: Pan v Hook exam vid Jacob Warring Eytle & Finella Waddilove Batman v Catwoman exam vid

2.1.2. Mask of Zorro: Elena v Zorro

2.1.3. 2A1 Karim Hassan & Jasmine Sanders Mask of Zorro: Elena v Zorro exam vid William West & Chanté Faucher Monty Python and the Holy Grail: King Arthur v Black Knight exam vid Conor Glean & Kathryn Crosby exam vid Owain Gunn & Sarah Dickson Much Ado about Nothing: Benedict and Beatrice exam vid Karim Hassan & Nicola Azzopardi exam vid Kung Fu Panda 3: Kai v Oogway Rehearsal vid Maya-Nika Bewley & Troy Alexander Romeo and Juliet exam vid

2.1.4. 2A3 Amanda Shodeko & Joe Feeney Macbeth v Macduff exam vid Kate Cresswell & Ethan Hockley-Webster Tangled: Rapunzel v Flynn Rider exam vid Laura de Sommar & Nathaniel Allen Empire Strikes Back: Leia v Han exam vid Felicity Cant & Joseph Langdon Hook: Pan v Hook exam vid Lewes Roberts & Sarah Parkins Game of Thrones: Briene v The Hound Exam vid Joe Feeney & George Price Macbeth v Macduff Exam Vid

3. Choreo

3.1. Unarmed BA

3.1.1. Phrase 1 (BA) Tall SL - Small SR 1.1 T- L Jab entering > S- retreating, Block w right 1.2. T- R Cross > S- Block with left (downstage) 1.3. T- Left Jab > S- Block with left to left 1.4 T- React < Right Cross 1.5. T- Big Backfist > S- Block 2 hands (monkey hands) 1.6. T- React (reach low reach high-ish < S- Arm Bar, avoid avoid 1.7. T- Get away and turn to face from USR < S- Shove away & Square up (DSR)

3.1.2. Phrase 2 (BA) 2.1 T- Slip step Left side kick < S- Sidestep Avoid SlipBR & pat-down Block S- LFF stance inviting kick to strong hip S- take arm position to draw their guard up on the slip, deception S- move to heel side S- Stay close, and dont lean T- aim online and penetrate with kick T- remember that a block hurts- so stabilize and recover 2.2 T- Thwart left, Left turning backfist, Punch with right > S- Bob and weave, block T- Elvis and aim with elbow T - Keep other hand in the game- perhaps feint? S - move away from punch- bob and weave- you already know about the stomach 2.3 T- react < S-Punch Stomach T. shock... and resonance reaction S. Bounce the fist S. range of contacts possible. Hold the egg, turn the hand, Rip. Floating ribs if they have serious abs. Non contact attacker knap T. Don't fold too far or too fast, T- vocalise the hit to tense stomach muscles Don't hide a contact hit T. Don't react early on contact hit. this is about hitting the solar plexus- causing a process fail, stop breathing, vomiting, poo themselves all caused by spasm arising from hitting a nerve cluster. 2.4 T- React < Elbow strike, (thwart left) 2.5 T- React and base down > S- Pat and choke S- take advantage of a momentary weakness T- if they get the choke while you are in spasm they could finish you- discuss : can/can't fight : Wants to/ doesn't want to fight model How choke works v how throttle works DOn't rise up being choked Scrappy moment exploration 2.6 T- Snake and break out of choke, PFL > S- 2.6 react step back, recover Redirected break out Snake break out Armlock break out into kick to head, sitdown fall 2.7 T- Head Butt > S- react find the angle of this and make sure it is contained with body wave.

3.1.3. Phrase 3

3.2. R&D

3.2.1. Phrase 1 1.1 T- (LFF) Xleft hip, PFR > S- (RFF?) PBR, pD2 1.2 T- PBR, pD2 < Xleft hip, PFR 1.3 T- Cut L arm, PFR > S- PBR, pD3 1.4 T- PBR, Cross p5 < S- Mulinx, Cut head, PFR 1.5 T- x Right Armpit, PFR > S- SlBL, pS high 2 (or high 8!) 1.6 T- PBR, Cross parry (dag in front) < S, Cut head, PFR 1.7 Forhand Cut Chest, ThFR > retreat w slidestep Parallel parry in 4 1.8 T- Follow Bind, Avoid jumping back < S- Croisé down, backhand cut across stomach, ThFR after point clear Return to Guard

3.2.2. Phrase 2 2.1 T- PBL, PD2 << S- X2, PassingLR 2.2 T- PBR, CrossParry5(dag on bottom) << S- Cut Head, PFL 2.3 T- SLBR, PD2 << S- Xdagger, Left foot Lunge 2.4 T- Lunge Bind sword down > S- Follow Bind 2.5 Corps a corps 2.6 Tall cuts Small's dagger wrist.

3.2.3. Phrase 3 3.1 T- respond, and retreat out < S-Turn to press backhand corps a corps, Left foot cross, Pivot, demi lunge/Push 3.2 T- THBL P2 << S- Punta riversi X-hip, CR FL, 3.3 T- X, CrFR >> S- OpenSteponCircle, P2 3.4 T- THBL P3(or feather) << S- Punta riversi Xribs, CR FL, 3.5 T- pick w dagger - Bind > S- follow bind, recover from lunge 3.6 T- Forehand Cut across foot , PFR >> S- Lift foot and step back 3.7 T- Backhand Cut across head , PFL >> S- Duck 3.8 T- PBL P4 << S- Forehand Cut Chest, PFL 3.9 T- PBR P3 (Phang8) << S- Backhand Cut Flank 3.10 T- Cut Head PRF >> S PB, P5 3.11 T- Xdagger Passing lunge >> PBL, P7 2.12 T- Ouch release dagger << Cut wrist

3.3. Smallsword

3.3.1. Pointwork

4. Exam Tasks

4.1. Pack and travel there

4.1.1. masking tape

4.1.2. electrical tape

4.1.3. Bring tripod

4.1.4. blu tak

4.1.5. cable ties

4.1.6. Marker and plain paper

4.1.7. Biscuits

4.1.8. Tools tightening swords

4.2. Receive people

4.2.1. Welcome Ruth and give coffee

4.2.2. Arrive before students and post check in / running order

4.3. Film exams

4.3.1. Get extension lead if possible

4.3.2. Collect Camera from Eddie

4.3.3. Actual filming to be done by a student from 2A3 for first hour and then by a 2A2 student

4.3.4. get the footage!

4.4. Get Warm up room ready for 2A2's

4.4.1. Clear it

4.4.2. Get swords in there so 2A2's can pick their exam weapons

4.4.3. Make the room comfortable

4.5. Get exam room ready

4.5.1. Cover mirrors

4.5.2. Take a picture of room and contents as we find it

4.5.3. Tape 'line of death'

4.5.4. Sort swords and mark TK's swords

4.5.5. Tighten up any loose swords

4.5.6. ensure spare weapons placed

4.5.7. Set up examiner's table Set up tripod/camera and test Set out first aid kit Coffee and Biscuits (piano Buffet_

4.5.8. Clear and tidy Clear Ballet bars out of room Clear extra chairs and bric-a-brac Clear rehearsal blocks and speakers out Tape closed weapons cupboard

4.6. Get extra warm up rooms ready

4.6.1. Take other swords to be used to a ready room

4.7. In event of workshop

4.7.1. Decide which people go to workshop

4.7.2. Take weapons needed to workshop

4.8. Clean Up After

4.8.1. Make sure mw weapons locked away

4.8.2. Remove all tape and postings

4.8.3. Restore everything to room we took out

4.8.4. Clear rooms of rubbish

4.8.5. Return Camera to Eddie

4.8.6. Take the correct swords home

4.9. record and provide results

4.9.1. Send text summary results to Meredith D

4.9.2. Provide full marks/ report by email to MM and MD

5. Results