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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. What are some of the main ideas and points that you can recall from the story?

2. By looking at the cover of the book, what do you predict the story will be about?

2.1. What is the meaning of the of this word?

2.1.1. What reference can you make of the story we just read?

3. Thinking about what we read,so far what do you predict will happen next?

3.1. How did the author portray the character?

3.1.1. How do you think the character felt about in the story?

4. Teachers can use assessment data help guide instruction, struggling students, teaching strategies and prepare effective lessons.

4.1. Three struggling students, score for RTI and strategies to help improve scores.

4.1.1. RTI(+\Std Err) Student 1: 160 Student 2: 148 Student 3: 150 Strategies to use: Differrentiate instruction, small group and in- class assignments.

5. Assessments are also used to analyze data to make decisions about teaching strategies and students.

6. Formative

6.1. Process of gathering evidence of students learning.

6.2. Discussion, quiz etc.

7. Interim/Benchmark

7.1. Periodic testing throughout the school year.

7.2. Differentiation, Engage students etc.

8. Summartive

8.1. End of a large chunk of learning

8.2. Ex. Standardized Test and Final Exams

9. Performance/Diagnostics

9.1. Individual or group projects

9.2. Ex. Portfolios, student logs etc.

10. Assessment can help students learn, teachers improve instruction, administrators decide how to allocate resources, and policy maker evaluate the efficiency of education programs.

11. Assessment Data

12. H.O.T Questions

12.1. Opening Questions

12.2. Guiding Questions

12.3. Closing Questions

12.3.1. What can you tell me about what we just read?