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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. 1. Formative

1.1. Definition: Formative assessments are ways to check for understanding, learning needs, and academic process through a variety of methods. They are used to identify what students are struggling with so that adjustments can be made to enhance student learning.

1.2. Examples: Think-Pair-Share, Exit Tickets and Questioning

2. 2. Interim/Benchmark

2.1. Definition: Interim/Benchmarks are assessments that are used to evaluate where students stand in their learning progress and if they are on track to succeed on future standardized tests or end-of-course exams.

2.2. Examples: Six-Week tests and Chapter Tests

3. 3. Summative

3.1. Definition: Summative assessments are used to evaluate student learning, skill acquisition, and academic achievement at the end of a project, unit, course, semester, program, or school year.

3.2. Examples: End-of-Unit exams and End-of-Term exams (Multiple choice/true or false/matching/fill in the blank/etc.)

4. 4. Performance

4.1. Definition: Performance assessments are alternative/authentic forms of testing that requires students to perform a task.

4.2. Examples: Group projects, Portfolios, Written Assessments, and etc.

5. 5. Diagnostic

5.1. Definition: Diagnostic assessments are assessments used to determine students' individual strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, and skills prior to instruction.

5.2. Examples: Unit Pre-Test, Teacher Questioning, Interviews, and etc.

6. H.O.T Questions

6.1. Opening Questions

6.1.1. By looking at the cover, what do you think this book is going to be about? What makes you believe that?

6.1.2. When looking at this word, what is the initial letter sound you hear?

6.2. Guided Questions

6.2.1. Why do you think the author chose to use ________ as the setting?

6.2.2. Why is the character behaving in that way? What are some of the character's traits?

6.3. Closing Questions

6.3.1. What is the main idea of the story? What are the supporting details?

6.3.2. What do you think would have happened if it ended in this way, rather than that way?

7. Assessment Data

7.1. Students' reading levels were tested using Fountas and Pinnell assessments, accurate and reliable tools used to identify the instructional and independent reading levels of all students and document student progress through one-on-one formative and summative assessments. The students are expected, according to state standards, to be at a certain reading level that matches their grade level.

7.1.1. Focus Group for Kindergarten/Reading (Reading level: C by end of the year) Brodrick - Reading level: A Da'Marion - Reading level: A Za'Kharria - Reading level: A Strategies: *Small Group guided reading and Small Group activities (blending and segmenting, onset/rime, rhyming, comprehension, and frequency games). *"Practice Sight Words" center, "Library" center, and have a center dedicated to working on the focus portion of the lesson (theme, main idea, setting, etc.).