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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Assessment of prior learning skills and knowledge.

1.1. Examples: pre-test before new topic, self assessment

2. Benchmark/Interim

2.1. Assessments placed in specific time frame to collect data in order to create re-teaching strategies and/or small groups. Used for district data.

2.1.1. Examples: Scheduled quarterly testing, Periodic district testing

3. Performance

3.1. Task oriented assessments

3.1.1. Examples: Give a short speech, write a paper about a topic

4. Diagnostic

5. HOT Questions

6. Opening Questions

6.1. Why do we need to know our sight words?

6.2. Where are we going to see sight words?

6.3. We can read sight words, what else can we do with sight words when we can recognize them? (We can write them, we can use them in a sentence)

7. Guiding Questions

7.1. How are the sight words you can recognize different from other words?

7.2. What are some ways you can learn your sight words when you are not at small group?

7.3. Who can you teach your sight words to at home?

8. Closing Questions

8.1. What is your new goal for learning your sight words?

8.2. How can we connect the sight words we learn to other parts of our learning?

8.3. What are three ways you can practice your sight words?

9. Formative

9.1. Assessments of student learning to modify lessons to student needs.

9.1.1. Examples: Quiz, Think Share Pair

10. Summative

10.1. Assessment to summarize large amounts of learning.

10.1.1. Examples: State Testing, Research Project

11. RTI students for sight word recognition

11.1. Formative

11.1.1. Performance

11.1.2. Diagnostic

11.2. Student 1: 20words/36 Student 2: 18words /36 Student 3: 17words/36 Formative- Students will receive small group and individual instruction and personal sight word notebook to be able to write down words at all times. Performance- Students will find and say sight words in class. Diagnostic students will reassess every Friday for 3 weeks to gather improvement data.