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EcoProgress Homes by Mind Map: EcoProgress Homes

1. solar thermal panels

2. Wall Panels Austrian Boat's House. | For the Home in 2019 | Screened in deck, Architecture, Interior architecture

3. Empowerment Center

3.1. Education

3.2. Health and wellness

3.3. Housing and sustainability innovation

3.4. Community resources

3.5. Training and assistance distributing handicrafts

4. Single-family or duplex homes

5. Affordable Housing

5.1. Initial focus on rural communities

5.2. Large scale

5.3. No reliable infrastructure grid

5.4. Requires grid independence

5.5. Needs government or NGO financing

5.6. Provide wholesale to developers

5.7. Review co-housing model

5.8. Incorporate Permaculture

5.9. Make modular, basic unit $2,000 USD

6. Rapid Housing

6.1. Post-Disaster Housing

6.2. Migrant Housing

6.3. Requires Quick Delivery

6.4. Similar to affordable housing, although some infrastructure may already exist

6.5. Design to be grid-independent

7. Vacation Homes

7.1. Market Rate

7.2. Trendy

7.3. Complete Package w/upgrade options

7.4. Low maintenance

7.5. Flood-resistant in costal areas

8. Water

8.1. Container for pool/pond/cistern

8.2. Aquaponics for raising fish and growing plants together

8.3. Upcycling education / infrastructure for housing components

8.4. Geothermal slab heating, cooling and DHW preheat.

8.5. Rainwater collection, treatment and reuse system for potable and greywater

9. Waste

9.1. Composting toilets for rural/off-grid homes (also for Pres. toilets commitment)

9.2. Water-efficient toilets for grid-tied homes

9.3. Greywater recycling

9.4. Composter (pedal, worm, rabbit, chicken options) for table scraps

10. Distribution

10.1. Assembled containers to vacation home developers

10.2. Wholesale "seedling" units to affordable housing developers in India

10.3. Retail "leaf" and "branch" components to end users

10.4. Complete kits to affordable housing developers in US

11. Nimi's Kitchen

11.1. Design and build as part of larger product development. Allow time for her home life to settle, for her to raise additional funds, and to protect her asset.

12. Components

12.1. Design for range of price points, regions

12.2. Floor panels

12.2.1. wood flooring panels (upper levels only)

12.2.2. floor tile panels

12.2.3. plumbing drain panel

12.2.4. Tatami mat (storage) panel

12.2.5. concrete radiant heating/cooling floor panels

12.3. Ceiling/roof panels

12.3.1. vegetated roof panels

12.3.2. roof drainage panels

12.3.3. skylight/greenhouse roof panels

12.4. Wall Panels

12.4.1. Insulation panels

12.4.2. Plumbing panels Fabric-covered acoustic panels

12.4.3. Drywall panels

12.4.4. Storage/cabinet panels

12.4.5. Window panels

12.4.6. Tile panels (mosaic, subway tile, glass tile)

12.4.7. Green wall panels

12.4.8. Solar hot water heating panels

12.4.9. Tent panels

12.4.10. Bug screen panels

12.4.11. Wooden screen panels

12.5. Transforming Furniture

12.5.1. Chair panels

12.6. Murphey bed

12.6.1. Ceiling bed

12.7. Table/desk panels

13. Codes and Standards

13.1. Design to meet United States Modular Housing Standards / U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

13.2. Meet California, Washington State codes Confirm applicability in US mid-atlantic states (Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia).

13.2.1. WA Manufactured Homes & Other Mobile Structures

13.2.2. CA Manufactured Homes & Other Mobile Structures

14. Marketing

14.1. Look at history of kit homes in US: Sears Sears Modern Homes |

15. Business Planning

15.1. Intellectual Property

15.1.1. Fabricate components using different manufacturing companies

15.1.2. Copyright design in US

15.2. Talk to score counselor for international trade guidance

15.3. Talk to DOC US Commercial Services

16. Costs