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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. Assessments more importantly enable the students to track their progress. They can see the areas that they need work in versus the areas that they are strong in.

2. Performance

2.1. Portfolios

2.1.1. This is where students must perform a task rather than check a box or pick a prescribed choice.

3. Summative

3.1. Mid-Term Paper

3.1.1. This is where the student learning is evaluated at the end of a unit. The results of this assessment are compared to a benchmark, or standard.

4. Formative

4.1. Concept Maps drawn in class that shows students understanding of a concept.

4.1.1. Monitor student learning, and provide ongoing feedback that helps improve instruction and student learning.

5. Diagnostic

5.1. TPRI: Texas Primary Reading Inventory

5.1.1. This assessment is done in order to identify deficiencies, or strengths. This is usually done before instruction starts and informs the educator what type of services a student will need.

6. Interim/Benchmark

6.1. BAS: Benchmark Assessment System

6.1.1. Short tests that are given several times a year that provide immediate results to educators.This tool is used to measure student growth, design curriculum and adjust instruction.

7. Assessment Data

7.1. Assessment Data is taken throughout the year to help teachers make important decisions in their classroom. This helps with the smooth running to a successful classroom.

7.1.1. TPRI Scores Student 1: 224 Student 2: 169 Student 3: 2107 Strategies: These student struggle with phonemic awareness, and reading skills. The strategy best suited for these students is small group instruction, during station time, with a focus on letter sound recognition, blending, and comprehension skills.

8. H.O.T Questions

8.1. Opening Questions

8.1.1. Can you make a prediction about the main idea in this story?

8.1.2. Why do you think this story might be important?

8.1.3. Can you look at the cover and title and tell me what genre this text is?

8.2. Guiding Questions

8.2.1. Can you look at the pictures and tell me what the text is saying?

8.2.2. Can you look at the pictures and predict the problem?

8.2.3. How does this story relate to your life?

8.3. Closing Questions

8.3.1. If you could rewrite this story what would the ending be?

8.3.2. How did the character feel?

8.3.3. How would you feel if you were the character in this text?

9. Assessments are a cornerstone of the classroom. They enable students to be placed in appropriate guided reading groups, grade levels, and appropriate intervention tiers.