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Word List by Mind Map: Word List

1. Tautologies

1.1. Context

1.2. "Are you going to bore me with your tautologies all day..."

1.3. Meaning In Context

1.4. He bore them with his nonsense.

1.5. Other Meaning

1.6. A statement that was true merely by virtue of saying the same thing twice.

2. Hysterics

2.1. Context

2.2. "I pulled off some lame disco dance moves that sent the place into hysterics."

2.3. Meaning In Context

2.4. His dance trade everyone laugh.

2.5. Other Meaning

2.6. A fit of uncontrollable laughing or crying.

3. Wept

3.1. Context

3.2. "At the hospital, my mother wept"

3.3. Meaning In Context

3.4. She shed into tears when she was in he hospital.

3.5. Other Meaning

3.6. Utter or expressed with tears.

4. Wailed

4.1. Context

4.2. "At the hospital, my mother wept and wailed."

4.3. Meaning In Context

4.4. She screamed with pain.

4.5. Other Meaning

4.6. Give a cry of pain, grief, or anger.

5. Redundancy

5.1. Context

5.2. "It's a redundancy."

5.3. Meaning In Context

5.4. Like if you repeat something a lot.

5.5. Other Meaning

5.6. The state of being not or no longer needed or useful.

6. Mutilated

6.1. Context

6.2. "I would have been pummeled. Mutilated. Crucified."

6.3. Meaning In Context

6.4. He would of have got beaten up.

6.5. Other Meaning

6.6. To injure, disfigure or removing damaging parts.

7. Retroactive

7.1. Context

7.2. "That suit is so beautiful... it's retroactive"

7.3. Meaning In Context

7.4. The suit is so hippyish

7.5. Other Meaning

7.6. Taking effect on a date in the past.