Proxit Solutions

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Proxit Solutions by Mind Map: Proxit Solutions

1. Technology Repair

1.1. At home computer and technology repair

1.2. Innovative repair solutions using specially designed computers designed to handle the weight of server information

1.3. Specialty tools to take apart PC's and server hardware

2. Technological Installations

2.1. Commercial networking solutions

2.1.1. Ability to troubleshoot remotely

2.2. Residential networking solutions

2.3. Ability to configure server settings remotely

3. Innovative Technology Solutions

3.1. Technology Troubleshooting

3.1.1. Commercial and Residential troubleshooting

4. Remote computer repair

4.1. PC Repair from central location

4.2. PC repair from technicians home or current position

5. Mobile Solutions

5.1. Mobile PC technicians to repair on-site hardware

5.2. Mobile PC technicians to install hardware on site

5.3. On-call mobile technicians to cover emergencies