Doug Engelbart Call 20130706

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Doug Engelbart Call 20130706 by Mind Map: Doug Engelbart Call 20130706

1. MindMeister Intro

1.1. Welcome again!

1.1.1. We hope you'll have fun with MindMeister ...

1.1.2. ... and some great ideas too!

1.2. Get started!

1.2.1. Use toolbar to add ideas

1.2.2. Key shortcuts INS to insert (Windows) TAB to insert (Mac OS) ENTER to add siblings DEL to delete

1.2.3. Drag & Drop and double-click canvas

1.2.4. Drag and Drop doesn't quickly locate

1.3. How to Share

1.3.1. Click on "Share Map"

1.3.2. Add emails of collaborators

2. Call Logistics

2.1. +1-641-715-3200 x242737#

2.2. Call will be recorded

2.3. Google Doc:

2.4. Connect on Skype with Sam: "Sam.Hahn"

2.5. Connect on email with Sam: "[email protected]"

3. Notes from Conversation

3.1. Create a node here to take notes... so we don't "step on each other"?

3.2. Sam

3.2.1. Created this mindmap

3.2.2. Proposed a call flow

3.2.3. Trying as viewer in Safari

4. Attendees

4.1. Please add yourself to "Attendees" node (click that node, then use your INSERT key if on Windows, TAB if on Mac)

4.1.1. If you like, you can add your email and Skype if you would like to collaborate with others on this call

4.1.2. You are welcome to be specific HOW you would like to collaborate following this call. Add details to your node

4.2. David Price

4.2.1. Global SenseMaking

4.2.2. DebateGraph

4.2.3. Program For The Fiuture 2013

4.2.4. Community of Impact

4.3. Dino Karabeg

4.3.1. Knowledge Federation

4.3.2. Community of Impact

4.3.3. Club of Zagreb

4.3.4. Program For The Future 2013

5. Proposed Conversation Structure

5.1. How notes are being taken


5.2. In order of "Attendees' entries, we each connect ourselves to Doug with a 1-2 minute introduction

5.3. We share how we are each applying what we learned from Doug, what we are doing to further Doug's work / vision.

5.4. Program For The Future 2013