6th Grade

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6th Grade by Mind Map: 6th Grade

1. Social Studies

1.1. we learned about WWII

1.2. We also learned about WWI

1.3. Great Depresion was a intresting song

1.4. Dakota/Ojibwe was a fun topic

2. Math

2.1. circumference is easy

2.2. Surface Area is also simple

2.3. Diveding Fractions is sometimes hard

2.4. We did study Island

3. Science

3.1. we learned about lights color

3.2. I learned that waves cant carry matter

3.3. We made instruments

3.4. Newtons first law were neat

4. Reading

4.1. We learned about the perseus myth

4.2. We Learneed about Persehonie myth

4.3. We did Tic-Tac-Toe

4.4. we did biocubes

5. Gym

5.1. We played soccer

5.2. we ran the mile

5.3. WE played basketball

5.4. We did alot of HAPPY BIRTHDAY