Scientific writing

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Scientific writing by Mind Map: Scientific writing

1. Tenses and concordance

1.1. Concordance

1.1.1. In general, a singular subject takes a singular verb, and a plural subject takes a plural verb.

1.2. Tenses

1.2.1. Past

1.2.2. Present

1.2.3. Future

2. The article and the noun (adjetivation)

2.1. We have to know this:

2.1.1. Singular or Plural

2.1.2. Definite or indefinite

2.1.3. Countable or uncountable

3. Actives and Passives

3.1. Active

3.1.1. When the subject is the actor.

3.2. Passive

3.2.1. When the subject is acted upon.

3.2.2. To form the passive: BE + PAST PARTICIPLE

4. Connectors

4.1. Coordination

4.1.1. Joins terms that are equals: and, or, but, etc.

4.2. Subordination

4.2.1. Shows inequality or a relationship of dependence or limitation: if, as, when, etc.

5. Spelling conventions and accuracy

5.1. Use the given spelling rules consistently.

5.2. Use either American or British spelling, but not both.

5.3. Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation.