Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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Democratic Republic of the Congo. by Mind Map: Democratic Republic of the Congo.

1. Migration

1.1. One push factor is a group called M23

1.1.1. a second is little amounts of water net migration is -4.8/1000 people A pull factor is they have over 200 ethnic groups

2. Agriculture

2.1. Their most popular crop is cassava

2.1.1. Also some cash crops like coffee, tobacco and others

3. Education

3.1. 6 years of primary

3.1.1. Then 6 years of secondary

4. sources



5. Five Themes

5.1. Location

5.1.1. The absolute location is 4.0383° S, 21.7587° The relative location is it is next to angola

5.2. Place

5.2.1. A physical characteristic is Mount Nyiragongo A human characteristic is a church called Eglise CBFC-Gombe

5.3. HEI

5.3.1. One example of HEI is they get some of their food from the forest that they live in. A second example mining they get it from katanga

5.4. Movement

5.4.1. one of their goods are cassava which is a food made from roots they have weather of about 22-26°C Most Resource filled country in africa

5.5. Region

5.5.1. They are in the Central African Time Zone They are a sub Saharan country.

6. Population

6.1. 84% have access to water

6.1.1. 67% have access to sanitation Population pyramid

7. Demographic transition model

7.1. Stage 2

7.1.1. cbr is 37.05 births/1,000 population cdr is 10.8 deaths/1,000 population

8. Pictures