All About Animals

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All About Animals by Mind Map: All About Animals

1. Subquestion 2: What are some examples of each classification of animals?

1.1. Mammals-polar bears, zebras, and Tigers

1.2. Reptiles-lizard, turtle, and alligator

1.3. Fish-redfish, sunfish, lionfish

2. Sub Question 1: What do these animals eat?

2.1. Mammals eat meat

2.2. Reptiles eat insects

2.3. Fish eat plankton

3. Main Question: How can we classify animals?

3.1. Mammals

3.2. Reptile

3.3. Fish

4. Subquestion 3: What are some characteristics of these animal classifications?

4.1. Mammal-they are vertebrates and breath through lungs

4.2. Reptile-they are cold blooded and have scales

4.3. Fish-live in water and have scales