English as a World Language

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English as a World Language by Mind Map: English as a World Language

1. forty million people

1.1. America

1.1.1. don’t speak English

1.2. nEngland

1.2.1. do speak

2. problem of deciding whether a person is speaking English

2.1. many Englishbased creoles in the world, such as Krio, spoken in Sierra Leone, and Neo-Melanesian (sometimes called Tok Pisin), spoken in Papua New Guinea.

2.2. Dr. Loreto Todd

2.2.1. sixty-one such creoles spoken by up to 200 million people

2.3. thinks he speaks it.

3. English

3.1. spoken as an official language in more countries

3.2. has a population of about 1. 6 billion

3.3. The most important language in the world

3.4. it is not hard to find to find impressive statics to prove it

3.5. use

3.5.1. scientific papers

3.5.2. business

3.5.3. mail is written and addressed

3.5.4. more than a billion speakers of English,

4. fact

4.1. English is not always spoken as widely or as enthusiastically as we might like to think.

4.2. English words

4.2.1. are taken just as they are, but sometimes they are adapted to local needs,

4.2.2. everywhere

4.2.3. are given largely contrary meanings

5. English terms that had become more or less universal.

5.1. airport, passport, hotel, telephone, bar, soda, cigarette, sport, golf, tennis, stop, O.K., weekend, jeans, know-how, sex appeal, and no problem.

6. borrowers

6.1. The most relentless borrowers of English words have been the Japanese

6.2. Japanese borrowings

6.2.1. erebata—elevator nekutai—necktie bata—butter beikon—bacon sarada—salad remon—lemon chiizu—cheese bifuteki—beefsteak hamu—ham

7. In 1988

7.1. The elite Ecole Centrale de Paris

7.1.1. Made it a requirement of graduation that students be able to speak and write fluent English,

8. English

8.1. Is widely spoken in the world because it has some overwhelming intrinsic appeal to foreigners.

8.2. is widely resented as a symbol of colonialism

8.2.1. India, the constitution was written in English English was adopted as a foreign language not out of admiration for its linguistic virtues but as a necessary expedient.

9. Malay is spoken in the civil service

9.1. Chinese in business

9.1.1. English in the professions and in education.

10. 1880 and 1907

10.1. fiftythree universal languages were proposed.

11. Professor C. K. Ogden of Cambridge University in England

11.1. Basic English

11.1.1. consisted of paring the English language down to just 850 essential words,

11.2. Including a mere 18 verbs—be, come, do, get, give, go, have, keep, let, make, may, put, say, see, seem, send, take, and will—

12. Basic English

12.1. system

12.1.1. First: Be able to write simple messages,be able to read anything in English—

12.1.2. Second: Vocabulary is not the hardest part of learning. Morphology, syntax, and idiom are far more difficult

13. English-speaking world

13.1. Have often been highly complacent in expecting others to learn English without our making anything like the same effort in return.