English as a World Language

Learning about English around the world

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English as a World Language by Mind Map: English as a World Language

1. Not all languages have welcomed the invasion of English words.

1.1. The French have been more resistant than most.

1.1.1. “France is engaged in a war with Anglo-Saxon.

1.1.2. The French also recognize the global importance of English.

1.2. Most people speak it not because it gives them pleasure to help out American and British monoglots

1.3. In many places English is widely resented as a symbol of colonialism.

1.4. in Japanese it is considered impolite to end a sentence with an unexpected flourish;

1.4.1. English speakers, particularly in the context of business or political negotiations, favor bluntness.

1.4.2. The Japanese, by contrast, have a cultural aversion

2. English as a first language

2.1. 300 million and 400 million.

2.2. America

2.2.1. forty million people who don’t speak English

2.3. thornier problem of deciding

2.3.1. Speaking English is a separate language. Creole

2.4. harsher problem

2.4.1. is deciding if a person speaks English or simply thinks he speaks it.

3. English words are everywhere.

3.1. Germans speak of die Teenagers ,

3.1.1. Project specifications

3.1.2. End User requirements

3.1.3. Action points sign-off

3.2. Italian women coat their faces with col-cream

3.2.1. Top Priorities

3.2.2. Medium Priorities

3.2.3. Low Priorities

3.3. Romanians ride the trolleybus,

3.4. are taken just as they are, but sometimes they are adapted to local needs,

3.4.1. European language take English participles and give them entirely new meanings,

3.4.2. Sometimes new words are made up, Japanese salryman for an employee of a corporation. The most relentless borrowers of English words have been the Japanese. In Germany a snappy dresser is a dressman. In France a recordman

4. English speakers in the world.

4.1. native speakers at about 330 million,

4.1.1. spoken as an official language in more countries

4.1.2. the most important language in the world,

4.1.3. tthe most studied and emulated language in the world

4.2. 260 million for Spanish

4.3. 150 million for Portuguese

4.4. 100 million for French

4.5. Mandarin Chinese 750 million

5. English-speaking culture

5.1. Sarajevo, Yugoslavia, a largely Muslim city

5.2. Yugoslavia they speak five languages.

5.3. obvious observation

5.3.1. English is the most global of languages.

6. Some facts

6.1. Although English is capable of waffle and obfuscation, it is nonetheless generally more straightforward than Eastern languages and less verbose than other Western ones.

6.1.1. English could be learned by most foreigners learned Basic English might be able to write simple messages, Second, in any language vocabulary is not the hardest part of learning Morphology, syntax, and idiom are far more difficult, but Basic English did almost nothing to simplify these. Third, and most critically, the conciseness of the vocabulary of Basic English

6.2. We in the English-speaking world have often been highly complacent in expecting others to learn English without our making anything like the same effort in return.