English as a world language

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English as a world language by Mind Map: English as a world language

1. English is the most global of languages. Products-english messages

2. Items: distinct, comforting, lackof geographical presision.

3. Meaningless phrases o clothing are invading the english speaking world.

4. People who speak english at first L: 300 million and 400 million.

5. Creole: A person is speaking english or something that is like english but is really a quite separate language.

6. A person speaks english or simply thinks he speaks it. 300 million.44 countries.

7. Englishis not always spoken as widely or as enthusiasthically way. Affetd the syntax of other Ls.

8. Adapted locl needs: in quite striking ways, variation, spelling a novel twist,

9. New words are made up: largely contrary meanings (Japanese)

10. Illegal anglicisimes: Anglo-saxon, foreign words

11. English: overhelming intrinsic appeal to foreings.Adopting an international language

12. Adopting aninternational language: misurunderstandings owing to difficulties of translation. Nuance and ambiguity.

13. English: waffle and ofuscation; straightforward than eastern Ls and less verbose than other western ones. Translation or artificial language.