Immune System

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Immune System by Mind Map: Immune System

1. Fights against diseases

1.1. there are three lines of defence

1.1.1. 1st line of defense is

1.1.2. 2nd lineof defense is the inflammatory response. 1. redness, swollen, heat, pain, imobilized,

2. what is disease?

2.1. is when the body or a structure within the body is not working correctly ie: outside homeostatic range.

2.1.1. infectious diseases the disease can be spread on of teh pathogen to another host

2.1.2. non-infectious diseases A disease that can not be passed on example: cancer, asthma ect...

2.2. pathogens can cause a disease

2.2.1. example pathogens are: tik, parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses ect...

2.2.2. Viruses can not be treated by antibiotics they need a host cell to survive becasue they do not have their own organelles. they can be either DNA or RNA based they come in all shapes and sizes

2.2.3. bacteria- prokaryotic cells they do not have membrane bound organelles they can be destroyed by antibiotics some can become antibiotic resistant because they can mutate their DNA, and can be come no longer sensitive to the antibiotics. how do we classify bacterial: size, shape, gram staining, respiration

2.2.4. Fungi their role is to break down organisms. asexual- they divide via binnary fussion or via the production of spores. example of diseases: tinea, thrush,

2.2.5. Protozoans example in malaria