English as a World Language

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English as a World Language by Mind Map: English as a World Language

1. Seaspeak, devised in Britain for the use of maritime authorities in busy sea lanes such as the English Channel

2. A more compelling reason for an international language is the frequency and gravity of misunderstandings owing to difficulties of translation

3. Malay is spoken in the civil service, Chinese in business, and English in the professions and in education

4. President François Mitterrand declared in 1986, perhaps a trifle excessively

4.1. “France is engaged in a war with Anglo-Saxon.”

5. The most relentless borrowers of English words have been the Japanese.

5.1. The number of English words current in Japanese has been estimated to be as high as 20,000.

6. European languages also show a curious tendency to take English participles and give them entirely new meanings

7. English is the most studied and emulated language in the world

8. English

8.1. It is the most global of languages.

8.2. based creoles in the world, such as

8.2.1. Krio, spoken in Sierra Leone

8.2.2. Neo-Melanesian

8.3. It s used as an official language in countries with a population of about 1.6 billion

8.4. It is the most important language in the world

8.5. It is not hard to find impressive statistics to prove it.

9. people who speak English as a first language at anywhere

9.1. between 300 million and 400 million.