Abotion should be forbidden

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Abotion should be forbidden by Mind Map: Abotion should be forbidden

1. illegal

1.1. can go wrong

1.1.1. better done in the hospital

2. when someone swallows medication

2.1. bad for child

2.1.1. consider an abortion

2.2. if you know in advance that it is bad for the child

2.2.1. you also may take an abortion

3. young age

3.1. the hole life will change

3.1.1. can not finisch school they do not have a carreer

3.2. how can you earn money

3.3. unwanted pregnancies

4. raped

4.1. first handle the rape

4.2. be pregnant

4.2.1. child the mother will always think back to the rape can not finisch school or something else

5. hereditary disease

5.1. can be very dangerous

5.2. big change that the bay gets it too

5.2.1. abortion should also be considered

5.3. bad for mothers health