Planning for CALS & FALS Instruction

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Planning for CALS & FALS Instruction by Mind Map: Planning for CALS & FALS Instruction

1. Take Standard Units and Adapt

2. Standard students are studying Henri Rousseau and creating jungle scenes focusing on overlapping shapes.

3. Adapt by having CALS and FALS students create a collage of drawings and cut paper leaves.

4. Adapt by having students do a number of different jungle themed works. They could draw animal portraits, jungle birds, watercolor orchid paintings.

5. Break up the period into sections. Students on the spectrum need shorter work periods. In a 45 minute period, break it into 15 minute sections. Change or add materials at the beginning of each section of time.

6. Create specific transition routines. Students on the spectrum benefit from routine. Begin with something to help them focus like a matching assignment with a drawing. At the end of the period, help them to get ready to leave by using movement activities like those found at Go Noodle!

7. Transition Activities - Movement

8. Transition. At the end of the period, have students stand and mimic the gestures and movements found in paintings.

9. When mainstreamed in with standard students, have them draw from other students' drawings.

10. Some students benefit from a written or visual schedule so they can self monitor. Times are in red.

11. When planning units, have students draw and paint from exemplar works first. This will tell you a lot about what they see when they look at the work and what you will need to help them to see later.

12. When students only want to draw one thing. Often students on the spectrum are focused on one specialized thing like a whale or one cartoon character. Just as artists concentrate on a theme, so, too do these students.

13. Let them incorporate their "special object" into their work.

14. Give the student two pieces of paper. On one paper they have to draw their "special object" and on the other paper they have to do the "teacher's drawing." This will help eliminate the anxiety of not being able to draw their favorite item.