Instructional Materials for CALS and FALS

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Instructional Materials for CALS and FALS by Mind Map: Instructional Materials for CALS and FALS

1. Use only non-toxic materials. Some students have a tendency to get the materials on their hands and fingers and will then put them in their mouth.

2. Have baby wipes available for clean up. Most students will not have skin allergy issues with these.

3. Adapt materials for students with grip and hand strength issues.

4. Get materials in a range of thicknesses - like thin and thick pencils or markers.

5. Use commercial grips or make individualized ones with Model Magic.

6. To help strengthen hand grip have students "play" by squeezing and stretching putty for 5 minutes each art period.

7. Find ways to stretch your materials. CALS and FALS students use a lot more materials than a standard student.

8. Use magic erase boards.

9. Use dry erase boards.

10. Have a clay dough maker area.

11. Painting materials that work well with CALS and FALS.

12. While standard kids are are painting, have CALS and FALS use water soluable colored pencils or oil pastel.

12.1. Use tempera cakes instead of liquid tempera.

13. Use plain water and markers. They draw first then paint.

14. Get bowls with handles. There are fewer spills when you use these toddler type bowls.

15. Use brushes with stubby handles.

16. Drawing tools.

17. Purchase rubbing plates to be used with pastel and crayon. Students love the textures.

18. Purchase stencils to help students practice drawing objects and adding interior details.

19. When drawing still life objects, let the students hold and handle them first before drawing. Have a touchable set up for them.

20. Have students "draw" with foam sheets. They can easily dut out shapes and glue them down.