4 Fundamental Webinar Rehearsal Techniques

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4 Fundamental Webinar Rehearsal Techniques by Mind Map: 4 Fundamental Webinar Rehearsal Techniques

1. Recording

1.1. Deliver your webinar in full

1.1.1. In front of a video camera Record it!

1.2. Practice looking into the lens

1.3. Playback

1.3.1. Critique your performance Notice your mannerisms and facial expressions

2. Mirror

2.1. Your first practice should be in front of a mirror

2.1.1. Private

2.2. Observe gestures and facial expressions

2.3. Experiment with different delivery styles

2.3.1. Find a style that fits your personality

3. Confidence

3.1. Some presenters have natural charisma

3.2. 99% of the time, it's about ...

3.2.1. PRACTICE Treat the webinar like a professional theater performance

4. Link to Original Article

4.1. http://genndi.com/tools/webinar-jam/4-fundamental-webinar-practice-techniques-build-confidence-poise-polish-without-ever-pay-coach/

5. Friendly Audience

5.1. Deliver your webinar in front of:

5.1.1. Spouse

5.1.2. Friend

5.1.3. Colleague

5.2. Get their feedback

5.2.1. How clear is your delivery and message?

5.2.2. Are there moments that they feel you wander?

6. Full Dress Rehearsal

6.1. Hold a private webinar

6.1.1. Family

6.1.2. Friends

6.1.3. Colleagues

6.2. Deliver your webinar in full. Complete with:

6.2.1. Slides

6.2.2. Screen-shares

6.2.3. Chat box interactions

6.2.4. Countdown timers

6.2.5. Other webinar features

6.3. At least, have one before the big day

6.4. Record your dress rehearsal

6.4.1. You may need it Emergency cases

6.4.2. Review your presentation Affirm your progress!

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