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1. What is she wearing?

1.1. My car is blue.

1.2. I have a green uniform and a blue uniform.

1.3. I wear a coat and a scarf when I get cold.

1.4. I take off my clothes every night to sleep well.

1.5. I can play soccer, buy I can´t swim.

1.6. Are you form Mexico?

2. Sports and games.

2.1. I like soccer.

2.2. My home town is Mexico City.

2.3. I like to sleep all weekend long.

3. We studied english today.

3.1. My wife cleaned the house yersterday.

3.2. My son didn´t do his homework.

3.3. We didn´t play soccer again.

3.4. Did you do your homewok?

4. Did you take a break?

4.1. I report to my LT every morning.

4.2. We get a break between classes all day long.

4.3. I chose to be a mechanic.

4.4. I didn´t get to see my family last Thursday.

4.5. Did you go to see your mother?

4.6. When did you start school?

4.7. Did you clean your room last night?

5. You must salute the General.

5.1. I wear my name tag all day long.

5.2. I salute my Colonel every day.

5.3. We go to class every day at eight hundred hours.

5.4. I must wear my uniform clean.

5.5. I must not sleep in class.

5.6. We may go to the BX between classes.

6. How much is this shirt?

6.1. The day before yesterday was Thursday.

6.2. The month after this month is July.

6.3. What time do you go to sleep?

6.4. I use headphones all the time.

6.5. How much does it cost?

6.6. My classroom is over there.

6.7. That is my computer.

6.8. Do you have those boots in blue?

6.9. I left school in the morning.