Next Steps for Implementation

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Next Steps for Implementation by Mind Map: Next Steps for Implementation

1. Continue using GAFE, specifically Google Classroom for students and as a communication/assessment tool for parent information

1.1. Introduce Read&Write for Google Chrome in September

2. Continue using Tarheel Reader as a high interest reading tool

2.1. Use Tarheel Reader as a way to represent and express their learning across a variety of expectations/subjects

3. Continue using Storyline Online as a reading resource

3.1. Create more integrated lessons for more stories -

4. I would like to explore more of the online math resources and use them in the classroom as a way for the students to express themselves

5. Explore some of the comic maker apps/programs to engage the artistic/creative students in the class

6. Use Boardmaker to create student-centered IEP goals, used by students and EA's to measure progress/success

7. Continued use of Boardmaker and Clicker7 for social stories within the Life Skills classroom. Created by teacher, EA's and students