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teenage life by Mind Map: teenage life

1. Boobs

2. Beauty ideals

2.1. Curves

2.2. Bigger privat spots

3. Conversations

4. You can do things that Santa does'nt like

4.1. WTF

5. school life

5.1. job

5.2. expectations

5.3. grades

5.4. homework

6. puberty

6.1. Virgin

6.2. masturbaiting

6.2.1. Revenue Forecasts Revenue and P&L Forecast (5 Years) Revenue should be split out quarterly

6.2.2. Cost Analysis Should include a description of the costs in entering this business and profitability analysis

6.2.3. Profitability Analysis P&L for the offer to include gross margin, net income and break even analysis.

6.3. sexuality

6.3.1. Service Offer What are we selling? Product Definition Pricing Packaging Positioning

6.3.2. Value Proposition What is the Value Proposition to the Customer? What pain are we solving?

6.4. sex

6.4.1. Sales Strategy Direct Sales Strategy Inside Sales Strategy Channel Sales Strategy

6.4.2. Partner Strategy Channel Strategy What 3rd party channels should we consider for reselling this service? Technology Partnerships What technology vendors (if any) do we need to work with to execute on this plan? Solutions Partners

6.5. porn

6.6. The bee and the flower

7. body

7.1. negative

7.1.1. you can get insecure about your own body

7.1.2. there are a lot changes on your body

7.2. positive

7.2.1. you grow and you can get to do things that you couldnt do before

7.2.2. you can grow your privat parts and you can experiment and be courious

7.2.3. boners

7.3. hair under your arms

7.4. sex(uality)

8. feelings

8.1. adulthood

8.1.1. Appreciation

8.1.2. Expectations

8.1.3. pressure

8.1.4. Responsibility

9. Emotions

9.1. negative

9.1.1. apprecition

9.1.2. lonelyness

9.1.3. depression

9.1.4. self esteem

9.1.5. you get very social unstable moodswings

9.1.6. anxiety

9.1.7. stress

9.1.8. awkwardness

10. Vandalism