Social and Emotional Learning and Self Regulation

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Social and Emotional Learning and Self Regulation by Mind Map: Social and Emotional Learning and Self Regulation

1. Research question:

1.1. How does social and emotional learning, and self regulation affect student focus, behavior, and academic learning in elementary students?

2. Statement of the Problem:

2.1. There is a lot of emotional unstable children that come to school everyday and try to learn. These students are unable to focus on learning when they are depressed, have anxiety, angry, lonely, etc. If students learn how to control and manage their emotions learning can happen in the classroom.

3. Rationale Statement:

3.1. There is a lot of children that experience depression and anxiety. Teaching students how to self regulate and being able to control their emotions at the elementary level will reduce student high-risk behaviors and significantly improve students' skills, attitudes, and behaviors.

4. Outline:

4.1. Introduction

4.1.1. Statement of problem

4.1.2. Research question

4.1.3. Rational

4.2. Review of literature

4.3. Questions

4.4. Concepts defined

4.5. Methodology

5. Conceptual Foundation:

5.1. Empathize: When students learn how to empathize, how does it affect the classroom environment and their learning.

5.2. Mindfulness: When students learn how to be mindful, how does that affect their learning.

5.3. Growth Mindset: When students have a growth mindset verses a fixed mindset.

5.4. Problem Solving Skills: Students that learn problem solving skills early on.

5.5. Self-control: Students that are able to manage their emotions in difficult situations.