English Mind Map lessons 25 to 30

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English Mind Map lessons 25 to 30 by Mind Map: English Mind Map lessons 25 to 30

1. Sport and Games.

1.1. Do you like sports

1.1.1. Talking about free time.

1.1.2. Do you like to play soccer on the weekends? yes, I like to play tennis too. Nowadays, sports had become very important in the people lives because they support health and are very important to human developing.

2. We studied English today.

2.1. Why study English?

2.1.1. English Tenses

2.1.2. Present Simple Personal pronoun + verb +complement I play Tennis.

2.1.3. Past Simple Personal pronoun + past verb + complement You played Tennis.

2.1.4. Future Personal pronoun + will + complement I will play Tennis.

3. Did you take a break?

3.1. why is important to take a break.


3.1.2. EXAMPLE: Did you bring a pencil to class? Answer: Yes, I did.

3.1.3. WH- questions with did

3.1.4. EXAMPLE: Where did you go last night? Answer: I went to Los Angeles.

4. What is She wearing?

4.1. What is She wearing?

4.1.1. In this topic we are refering to accesories or clothes that people can use or dress.

4.1.2. Example: Belt, Blouse, boots, Cap, Clothes, Coat, Dress, Gloves, Hat, Hose, Jacket, Necktie / Tie, Pants, Rainbow, Shirt, Scarf, Shoes, Slacks, Socks, Stockings, Suit, Sweater, T-shirt, Trousers, Uniform.

5. You must salute the general.

5.1. Military vocabulary

5.1.1. Grammar VOCABULARY: NOUNS Admiral, Captain, Colonel, Commander, Ensign, First Lieutenant, General, ID card, Identification, Liutenant, Liutenant Colonel, Liutenant Commander,Liutenant junior Grade, Major, Name Tag, Post, Rank, Second Liutenant, Stripe, Gold, Naval, Silver. U.S.MILITARYOFFICER RANK INSIGNIA

5.1.2. MUST

5.1.3. EXAMPLE: She must leave.

5.1.4. MUST NOT

5.1.5. EXAMPLE: You must not eat in class.

5.1.6. MAY / CAN

5.1.7. He may leave.

6. How much is this shirt?

6.1. How much it cost?

6.1.1. Questions with How Much

6.1.2. How much does it cost?

6.1.3. Example: how much does the house cost? Answer: it cost $100 000


6.1.5. EXAMPLE: I don´t like that color.