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1. LESSON 26

1.1. Grammar is the part of Linguistics that studies the set of rules and principles that govern a language

1.1.1. Diego I conduse your car every day Diego I condesa his car yesterday

2. LESSON 25

2.1. Dialogue is an exchange of information between two or more people. It can be written or oral

2.2. Hello my name is heriberto and I like to play but american ball, what is your name?

2.2.1. My name is Diego and my sport is beisbol and the game of tennis On Tuesday we can go out to play together and then have a TV program

3. Grading Plan

3.1. Final exam

3.2. Exercises

3.3. Attendance

4. LESSON 28

4.1. colors

4.1.1. Black, pink, blue, purple, red, Green, white, yellow, orange. that table is the color red my car isn t brown it s blue

5. LESSON 27

5.1. A reading report is a report in which the general impressions and the most relevant aspects of a text read,

5.1.1. Tomorrow we have an english exam at 8:30 am please be punctual

6. LESSON 29

6.1. airman

6.1.1. FAEMA students use three uniforms

7. LESSON 30

7.1. the days of the week

7.1.1. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. months of the year January, february, march, apri,l may, june, july, augus,t september, october, november, december.