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English. by Mind Map: English.

1. Lesson 25.

1.1. Sports and games.

1.1.1. function: Talking about time free.

1.1.2. Vocabulary: Verbs: clean (up), cook, end, like (to), live, play, start and visit. Expression: all... long. Other: downtown. Nouns: ball, baseball, basketball, city, Detroit, football, game, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Moscow, New Orleans, restaurant, San Antonio, show, soccer, sport, tennis, town and visit.

2. Lesson 26.

2.1. We studied english today.

2.1.1. Grammar: Past tense affirmative statements. We watched television last night. Past tense negative statements. Oscar didn't study his lesson yesterday. Questions with did. Did Antonio play football last Saturday?

2.1.2. Vocabulary: Other: again.

3. Lesson 27

3.1. Did you take a break?

3.1.1. Function: Asking for and giving information about past actions. Where did you go yesterday? I went to Sears.

3.1.2. Grammar: Irregular verbs. Liz drove her car to work yesterday. Past tense negative statements. Liz and Marco didn't buy that car. Questions with did using irregular verbs. Did you bring a paper to class? Wh-Questions with did. Where did you go last night?

3.1.3. Vocabulary: Verbs: begin/began, bring/brought, report, Other: on time, take a break and with.

4. Lesson 28

4.1. What is she wearing?

4.1.1. Grammar: Can as ability. Can you repair a cell phone? Yes, I can.

4.1.2. Vovabulary: Verbs: fall asleep, put on, take off, wake up and wear/wore. Other: asleep, awake, black, blue, brown, green, orange, pink, purple, red, well, white and yellow. Nouns: belt, blouse, boots, cap, clothes, coat, color, dress, gloves, hat, hose, jacket, necktie/tie, pants, rainbow, scarf, shirt, slacks, socks, stockings, suit, sweater, T-shirt, trousers and uniform.

5. Lesson 29

5.1. You must salute the general.

5.1.1. Function: Ask and answer questions about a person's ability/inability to perform an action. Can you swim? Yes, I can.

5.1.2. Grammar: Must. She must leave. Must not. You must not eat in class. May/can. She may leave.

5.1.3. Vocabulary: Expressions: It's (2017). Other: gold, naval and silver. Nouns: admiral, captain, colonel, commander, ensing, first lieutenant, general, ID card, identification, lieutenant, lieutenant colonel, lieutenant commander, lieutenant junior grande, major, name tag, post, rank, second lieutenant and stripe.

6. Lesson 30

6.1. How much is this shirt?

6.1.1. Function: Ask and answer questions relating to the buying and selling of articles. How much does that car cost? It cost $ 3000.00.

6.1.2. Grammar: Questions with what. What did you buy? Questions with how much. How much does it cost? This/that/these/those+noun. I don´t like this color. Irregular past tense verbs. Alexa caught the ball.

6.1.3. Vocabulary: Verbs: cost/cost, dance, help, record, sell/sold, take/took. Other: Here you are, over here, over there, the day after, tomorrow, the day before and yesterday. Nouns: clerk, dance, headphones, headset, music, shelf and store.