Nuclear Power

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Nuclear Power by Mind Map: Nuclear Power

1. Advantages

1.1. Fossil fuels are reduced

1.2. Uranium and shipping is relatively cheap

1.3. Doesn't depend on nature to work

1.4. Low emmisions

1.5. Basicly unlimited supply

2. Disadvantages

2.1. Waste is radio active

2.1.1. has to be stored somewhere

2.2. Nuclear accidents are devesting

2.3. Nuclear plants have a limited life

2.4. Need lots of money to set up nuclear plants

2.5. Only available in certain countries

3. How it works

3.1. Fission

3.1.1. atoms splitting

3.2. Heat is generated to prduce steam

3.2.1. This runs a turbine

3.3. Fusion

3.3.1. atoms combine to get larger

3.4. Diagram

4. Interesting facts

4.1. Nucler energy accounts for 2/3 of emmisions free power

4.2. 16% of Canada's energy comes from nuclear

4.3. Soviet Union was first country to use nuclear in 1954

4.4. If you get exposed to radioactive material, take off your clothes and this will get rid of 90% of the radiation

4.5. Generates $6.6 billion a year for Canada