Your 8th Grade Schedule

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Your 8th Grade Schedule by Mind Map: Your 8th  Grade Schedule

1. Homeroom

1.1. Let Ms.Vernon know you are here

1.1.1. Turn in your binder to Ms. Stephanie

1.1.2. Put your jacket in the backpack

2. Mr.Don's Reading class

2.1. We will read our social stories during reading block

2.1.1. Do our sight words

2.1.2. Read short stories

3. Life Skills in the lunchroom

3.1. Put the plates out

3.2. Help stock napkins and utensils

4. Math with Mr.Don

4.1. Work on standards based on AAA

5. Mrs. Barbee's Social Studies

5.1. Read about ancient times.

5.2. Watch Videos

5.3. Color maps

6. Science with Mr. Williamson

6.1. Build a roller coaster

6.2. work on worksheets

6.3. Build with legos

6.4. learn about science